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Date : 2nd June 2018 (Saturday)             Timings : 11:00 -1:00 pm

Have you done a mandala coloring meditation in your Kids yoga class?

MAGIC IN MANDALA - Art For Kids That Boosts Focus, Handwriting And Happiness

We are putting together a beautiful mindful experience for your little mindful ones called Calm Kids - a fun and creative meditation  by creating a mandala together.

Mandala meditations are fun and creative, allowing kids to use their imagination and intuition to guide them into a beautiful blissful state. It often helps kids feel safer, more secure in themselves and helps build confidence and clarity.

Mandalas will connect children with their imagination and the magic around them, bringing a sense of joyfulness, fun and relaxation.

Mandalas are Magical. There is something special about the feeling of coloring a Mandala. They loved it.

Advantages of Mandalas

-  Promote optimism: they have a meditative component to them. There is just joy that comes from even looking at them.

- Focus & concentration: keeping up with small spaces and constant changes in the design facilitates focus and attention.

- Creativity: it bursts one’s creativity with choice of color combinations, visual design ideas, etc.

- Excellent to improve fine motor movements and directly influences handwriting and self-confidence!

- Instills values of patience, perseverance and attention to details.

- Improves eye-hand (brain-motor) co-ordination.

LAST DATE OF REGISTRATION : 30th May 2018 (Saturday)

Registration Fee : Rs. 650/- (Discount for early Birds)

Mums and dads are welcome to enjoy a bite to eat or have a coffee at Baking Bliss cafe while they wait.

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